Leadership in Industry Research

Our Industry Research creatively integrates human and artifical intelligence with sophisticated
system modelling techniques. This arms us with nimble and agile capabilities to respond to specific client demands,
market uncertainties and changing market conditions with actionable insights, guidance and recommendations.

2019 Research Topics

5G:Consumer | Slicing | NFV/SDN | Industry 4.0 | Private Networks | Edge Computing | Communication Service Providers | Smart Cities and Buildings
Our 5G research comes with deep technical expertise and pramatic focus towards the strategies of key stakholders, ecosystem maturity and the use-cases and market dynamics that will determine the prospects for 5G.

  • Who are the stakeholders and what are their 5G strategies?
  • What are the 5G drivers and inhibitors and how large are the opportunities?
  • What are regional and communication service provider deployment strategies?
  • What can be achieved with 5G and what can't?
  • What are the 5G use-cases and how does this impact deployment strategies?

Software and Operations: 5G | Virtualization | Artifical Intelligence | Orchestration | Automation

Software and Operations are coming under tremendous pressure to transform. With 5G and infrastructure virtualization, traditional regimes that focus on managing rather than abstracting opreational complexity are no longer viable. But its not just about technology. There is human capital involved as well.

  • How effective are AI, orchestration and automation solutions?
  • How is adoption impacted by legacy and emerging technologies?
  • How do the drivers and inhibitors for orchestration and automation impact service adoption?
  • How are stakeholders impacted by innovation in software and operations?

Edge Computing: Architecture | Communication Service Providers | Private Networks (e.g. CBRS) | Smart Cities and Buildings | Smart Grids | Industry 4.0 | Retail | Consumer | Healthcare | Automotive Enterprise IT

Edge computing is currently driven primarily by communication service providers (CSP) as they virtualize the networks and deploy technologies like 5G. However this is the 'tip of the iceberg' as the digital appetites of consumers and enterprises continue to grow. This is driving edge computing demand for services that require low latencies, efficient bandwidth managmeent and localized security. Our edge computing reseach spans eleven markets including, CSPs, Mobile and Residential Consumers, Retail, Manufacturing, Smart Cities and Buildings, Smart Grids, Enterprise IT, Healthcare, Automotive and Commercial UAVs.

  • What is edge computing and how are different stakeholders defining its salient characteristics?
  • What are the use-cases for edge computing, what are the drivers and inhibitors for adoption and how big is the market opportunity?
  • How is edge computing being deployed - hardware platforms, architectures and design criteria?
  • How are stakeholders engaging with edge computing and how well do their commerical incentives align?
  • Which stakeholders dominate edge computing, and why?