Technology companies have intricate knowledge of their solutions but often lack the necessary understanding of their target vertical markets.

Typically these vertical markets have unique ecosystems and established players that are important in shepherding new technology innovations.

Tolaga's Industry Ecosystem Graphs use crawled online content and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to rapidly identify the key ecosystem players supporting particular vertical market solutions. The crawled data is further interrogated to provide specific details for key players.

Case Study: Retail Loss Prevention

Brick-and-mortar retailers experience between 1 and 2 percent shrinkage due to shoplifting, employee theft, and inventory spoilage. As retailers digitally transform with technologies such as smart shelfs, smart carts, autonomous shopping, and automated checkout, they potentially exacerbate the potential for further shrinkage. Companies like Dell, Malong, and DragonFruit AI have digital technology solutions incorporating advanced AI, computer vision, and surveillance that address retail shrinkage challenges. Since these are computationally intensive solutions because of the video processing and AI-inferencing involved, they depend on the specialized design capabilities provided by the technology vendors.

However, since loss prevention has always been a challenge for retail, there is an already well-established ecosystem of players in the space, including companies like Amazon, Appriss, Datalogic, Symphony AI, Sensormatic (Johnson Controls). Furthermore, the space commonly encompasses asset management and insurance functions.

Online content relating to Loss Prevention was searched (using Google and Bing Indexes) and an Industry Ecosystem Graph was developed. This graph provided an initial view of the players involved and their potential interrelationships.

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