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Thought Leadership with Custom Content and Modeling

Let us help your company share its success and thought leadership. We prepare white papers, custom reports, and keynote presentations with a deep understanding of the underlying industry, stakeholder, and market dynamics underpinning the topic. Depending on customer demands, reports are published as Tolaga research reports with sponsor attribution recognition or ghostwritten. Recent topics include:

Data Driven Industry Forecast Models

Top-down industry forecasts are a 'dime-a-dozen.' They might be helpful for a high-level marketing pitch, but not much else.
The underlying assumptions that drive industry forecasts usually are much more helpful than the forecast itself since they indicate market sentiment and provide a basis for sensitivity analyses. With a Tolaga forecast, you don't just get Excel charts and forecast numbers. Instead, you get entire 'bottom-up' forecast models that precisely lay out key assumptions, data sources, and methodology. Several examples include:

  • Global forecast to predict the impact of AI on metro and backbone fiber demand.
  • Global private 5G forecasts for manufacturing.
  • Global expenditure forecast for digital twins.
  • Global diesel power backup forecast for edge cloud sites covering four regions, eleven market verticals, and over 50 use cases.
  • Global edge cloud power footprint predictions four regions, eleven market verticals, and over 50 use cases.
  • Local market forecasts (e.g. Atlanta, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle) to predict investments and the economic impact of an edge cloud on the Las Vegas market and demand for private 5G and video related services.

Online Activity Cycle

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Industry Structure and Stakeholders

How good is your company's online presence?
Which stakeholders have the most 'voice' with a particular technology, and which industries do they support?

Web crawlers identify and store thousands of targeted online content sources.
The resulting corpus is analyzed to identify stakeholder companies, their activities, and their relative dominance in online content.

Case Study:
Digital Twin Industry Structure and Stakeholder Activity

Stakeholder Engagement
Segment Engagement

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Financial Models and Simulation Tools

Robust financial models and simulation tools bring investor confidence, encourage customers and bring strategic focus.
We have extensive experience building integrated financial models for debt and equity investors, profitability models for would-be customers, economic models for public agencies and simulation tools to investigate technology performance for financial research, planning, marketing, and other promotional activities.

Case Study:
Debt Financing Model

Stakeholder Engagement

Case Study:
End-to-End Digital Service Latency Prediction Tool

Digital service latency performance is important for reliability and user experience but poorly characterized because of its many contributing factors, including network congestion, buffering, compression techniques, and traffic payload. A web based simulation platform was developed to model end-to-end latency for user defined services and service chains.

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Online Activity Indexes

How mature is your market, and how will this change over the next five years?
Stop relying on subjective perception and conceptual hype-cycles!

Instead, Tolaga's Online Activity Index are created using thousands of indexed web searches and natural language processing (NLP) to measure online activity to identify market progress and maturity. Historical cycles for comparable solutions provide a basis for forecasting.
Based on measuring online activity, identify cycles through speculation, transition and clarity of either sustainable growth or decline.

Online Activity Index

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Company Intelligence

Are you missing out on critical competitor and partner intelligence? Harvest company information from websites and other online sources with intelligent web crawlers and indexed web searches.

Case Study:
Automotive Model and Trim Specifications Crawler and Database

Intelligent web crawlers were developed to collect all available model and trim specifications for over twenty vehicle OEMs. The web crawlers included automated vehicle-building tools to extract all published trim options.

Automotive Crawler and Database

Case Study:
Industry Ecosystem Graphs

Technology companies must often target vertical market opportunities for their new solutions. These vertical markets commonly have unique ecosystems and players important in shepherding new technology innovations. Tolaga has developed a solution for rapidly identifying the key players for specific vertical market solutions (e.g., retail loss prevention for edge computing).

Online content was interrogated with targeted searches, and the resulting content was stored in a document corpus. The corpus was examined using NLP techniques to identify Name Entities - companies of interest. These companies were analyzed further to determine their prevalence in the corpus and apparent inter-relationships. The results were graphed, with graph vertices representing the companies and their prevalence and the graph edges represent their inter-relationships.

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Strategy and Planning

Align Technology and Market Strategies to Maximize Opportunities. Causal mapping and system dynamics enrich market models and enable sophisticated scenario planning, and targeted market assessments bring closer alignment between technology assets and market opportunities.

Tolaga's consultants have over 20 years of experience applying causal mapping and system dynamics to industry, technology, and market models to identify unique and actionable insights, expose risks, and evaluate alternative scenarios.

Smart Automotive Manufacturing Dynamics

Smart Automotive Manufacturing